Veronica Belmont

Product Manager in British Columbia

Veronica is a product manager, podcaster, and technology evangelist living in British Columbia.

At Unity, she is the director of product for the Ultra team, which is building new tools to help democratize 2D and 3D creation.

As a podcaster, she previously hosted Mozilla’s IRL: Online Life is Real Life, where she spoke to people all over the world about how technology and the internet is shaping their existence — from the relationships we make to the policy that is changing how we even access the web.

On the Hugo-nominated Sword & Laser (co-hosted with Tom Merritt), they cover the latest news in science fiction and fantasy, interview authors, and discuss the monthly book picks.

Veronica has also worked extensively as a public speaker, startup advisor, and presenter for companies of all sizes, including IBM, Intel, Sony, AOL, Discovery Digital, and more.


  • Education
    • Emerson College